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I have come out of hiding, finally, after a looong, long time.

After thinking for a long time, it is decided...

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You have found potatonikkichan 's art profile! Yay!
Hippiefox is just a pen name i go under with my art... anyway

If you want to proceed, you'll have to friend me and stuff...
Inside, I have various fan arts, fictions, comics etc...
All ranging from Arashi to Lord of the Rings and even some of my original art.

All of my Arashi fanfictions are public, so no need to add me to view those! ^_^


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ohmiya drabbles pt 1 of 3

LJ is officially a bitch and so is LJ cut. instead of posting all of them together (which only add up to 5,000 words and is apparently too large) i will be posting and spamming you with 3 different posts. 

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oh dear... i think i'm half way back? :D

through school, a slightly busy summer, losing some of my fics when my harddrive  crashed and somehow losing my creative muse on the way.... i managed to write two drabbles to try and get my skills back XD
still working on re-creating chapter 3 of Voice, but i assure you, you will get it <3
anyways, hope you all have been doing well and here's some drabbles to enjoy~ ^__^


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One Love Chapters 1 through 5

Title: One Love (sequel to Love Situation)
Chapters: 1-17
Rating: PG- PG-13 (very safe)
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama
Pairing: Sakurai Sho/OC, slight Matsumoto Jun/OC

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